Thursday, February 25, 2016

Iain & Jimely Wedding | Mesa de Postre

Our Mesa de Postre for Iain and Jimely wedding reception at Lina's Alfresco Dining, Bacolod City last February 22, 2016.

Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed couple. Cheers to love and marriage! Thank you for trusting us.

Our mesa de postre included the following:

  •     Blueberry Cheesecake
  •     Black Sambo
  •     Clementine Creme Caramel
  •     Blue Lagoon Panna Cotta
  •     Fruit Tart
  •     Mocha Cake
  •     Butterscotch
  •     Flourless Chocolate Rhum Cake
  •     Mini Chocolate Cupcakes
  •     Fondant Cookies
  •     Chocolate-dipped Cookies (Cookie Tree)
  •     Meringue Kisses
  •     Sylvannas Balls
  •     White and Dark Chocolate
  •     Toasted Cashew Nut Clusters
  •     Blue Candies

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