Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello, September!

And now the BER months begin! Who is excited for the remaining months of 2016? Raise your hands!

As for some early announcements, we are now accepting reservations/orders for Christmas. We will appreciate it much if you could make slot reservations as early as now to avoid schedule conflict. Our slots fill up pretty fast and we can only accommodate a limited number of orders per week, so better secure a slot now than to be sorry later. As we always reiterate, EARLY BOOKINGS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

Since our kitchen will be very busy starting this second half of November, we will STRICTLY follow AT LEAST 1 WEEK NOTICE for order placements. Also, we will TEMPORARILY NOT be accepting orders of customized fondant cakes and dessert table setups this December. We might also not be accepting orders for shipment this December since most forwarders have voluminous incoming and outgoing packages. You wouldn't want your goods delayed or spoiled, would you?

We will post the goodies that will be available for sale this Christmas in the coming months, but you might also want to check out our flavor and price list posted on our website (

Thank you for your consideration.

For orders and inquiries, kindly SMS/Viber us at 0917.314.5961 or 0999.848.4854 or PM us via our Facebook page.

Also, please do follow us on Instagram @shezzles_desserts and Twitter @ShezzlesDessert. Thank you!

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