Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Mother's Day Special | Mom for the Day: Marla Antonette Adelantar

Hello there dear friends! How are you spending your summer today? We hope you're having a blast with your summer. :)

Anyways, guys, let me remind you that this coming Sunday is a special day for this one special person in our lives -- Mother's Day!

And as mentioned yesterday, we will be featuring a photo a day of a supermom as our little way of showing our appreciation to her.

 Our Mom for the Day is...

*drum roll*

Maria Carla Adelantar with her 2-year old little lady, Kelly. Marlaor Lala is a full-time working mom committed to raising a well-rounded daughter with good character and values. She did not realize that she has the capacity to give more love until Kelly came into her life.

And for our message for the day:

For all the sleepless nights, silly fights, and loving insights, thank you for continuing to be one of our guiding lights. We love you, mom!

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