Monday, May 2, 2016

A Mother's Day Special | Mom for the Day: Susan Bontia

A special day worthy of delightful celebration is fast approaching. Know what that is? Yep! You are right. It's this one super special day that everybody around the world is celebrating -- MOTHER'S DAY! We celebrate Mother's Day to honor our supermoms for their tireless effort and unparalleled love they give to us.

And since it's MOM's Day in the coming days, we, at Shezzles, would lurrrve to do something different this year in showing our appreciation to the supermoms. We will be featuring a photo of a mom on the page everyday as our little way of showing our appreciation to her.

Okay? Okay!

To start off, our "Mom for the Day" is our newbie mom, Susan Bontia with her adorable 3-month old baby, Fenix. She and her husband, Lasky, lived in Cebu before migrating to New Zealand. Check out what she thinks about motherhood.

And for our message for the day:

A newborn, they say, is one of life's greatest miracles. True, and much more than that is the person who carried and nurtured it with love from conception to birth, to infinity and beyond! We love you, Super Moms!

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