Monday, May 9, 2016

Philippine National Elections 2016

This is the big day for the Philippines that can change its history for the next six years! Today is our National Elections 2016 and everyone, if not, most of us are encouraged to exercise one's right to suffrage.

Here are some reminders on election do's and don'ts:

<> Make a list of who you will vote for. For the national posts, you can only vote for one president, one vice president, 12 senators, and one party list. Don't forget to bring your list on May 9. However, you cannot bring campaign materials in the precinct on election day.

<> Be reminded that there is a liquor ban on May 8 (Sunday) and on election day (May 9).

<> Do not take photos and videos inside the polling place, or take photos of your ballot, the VCM screen, and your receipt — it is an election offense. Save the selfies until you're outside the polling place.

<> Use the marker provided in the precinct to shade your vote.

<> Don't bring the receipt out of the polling place. It has to be dropped in a receptacle beside the VCM.

<> Do not make any marks on the ballot aside from the shadings for the candidates or else the machine will reject your ballot and you will not be given another chance to cast your vote.


Remember to VOTE WISELY.

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